Monitors to measure wall movement installed

In a rather dramatic manner monitors have been installed on the walls to measure whether the cracks are opening up The Great Synagogue has been standing for many years, but with the lack of maintenance, it could be on the verge of serious problems. There are large cracks, and although the walls are 1.5 metres thick and have stood for many years, continued ingress of water is taking its toll.

Before taking stabilisation action it is important to understand whether the foundations are moving, or the deterioration is due to the weather. Installing crack monitors will provide this information. The crack widths have been read and will be read again after a year, to see if there has been movement over a full weather cycle.

The monitors have been placed at 8 locations, all high up the building.  Half are external and the other half internal.  A variety of monitor types have been used which reflect their location. We will keep you updated through this news section.

The crew arrive with their access equipment

Reaching over to the south east corner

Then the south west corner where the roof eaves have been allowing the water to penetrate. This is where the the worst crack occurs

Preparing to form a “tell tale”, a simple but effective device which will survive the worst of the very cold winters.

The externally placed tell tale installation completed

Access was simpler inside

More accurate devices were placed internally as they would not be subject to the snow and ice

Where the wall profile allowed, micrometers have been used which provide very accurate readings.

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