Media focus on the Great Synagogue

The decision of Slonim Municipality to put the Great Synagogue up for auction attracted significant media attention both within Belarus and internationally. We highlight some of this coverage below:

Jewish Heritage Europe - Belarus historic synagogue up for auction

Times of Israel - No bids come through for Slonim's great synagogue - English Foundation plans to buy ancient Great Synagogue in Slonim (in Belarusian)

Ynet - The ancient synagogue is offered for sale, remnant of an extinct community (in Hebrew)

Svaboda - British Foundation is going to buy 17th Century Slonim synagogue (in Belarusian)

Hazeta Slonimskaya - British Foundation plans to buy out the Slonim synagogue (in Belarusian)

Warehouse - Jewish community from Great Britain to buy Slonim synagogue? (in Belarusian)

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